Resume Builder with Vue.js (English)

This is a translated version of the article written on March 6th in Bahasa Indonesia.


I started this blog with a content which is not exclusively for electrical stuff. This post is about building a resume. If you hope this post is about how to write a good resume, this is not the article for you. There are lots of blogs and articles which discussed how to write an accurate, concise, and clear resume. As an engineer, especially one who dabbles in the world of technology, one should have a decent programming knowledge. That’s why this post will discuss using JavaScript as a tool to create a neat resume

Before I begin my explanation on how to make a resume with JavaScript, I’ll show you how to install it using Ubuntu v16.04 Computer. Several things that you need to note in preparation for creating a resume using Ubuntu Computer like in this post are:

  • Git version checker is installed in Ubuntu

Installing Git in Ubuntu can be simply done with the command :

# apt-get install git

  • Installing Node.js using Node.js Version Manager

To install Node.js, you can follow the guide in


After installing both programs above, you can then access my GitHub Repository (https://github.com/josefmtd/best-resume-ever) which is a fork from (https://github.com/salomonelli/best-resume-ever). To clone this repository, use this command:

$ git clone https://github.com/josefmtd/best-resume-ever

After cloning repository, open the ‘best-resume-ever’ folder -> resume folder, and you’ll find two files, data.yml and id.jpg in that folder. You can change the id.jpg with your own photo and change data.yml according to the content of your resume

After the contents are changed, you can begin compiling from the PDF file according to the design you want. To begin compiling, first access the ‘best-resume-ever’ folder and do this command:

$ npm install

Wait until the installation process from Node.js finished, then you can begin compiling for the PDF using this command below:

$ npm run export

Wait until the compilation process finished so you can see the result in the folder ‘best-resume-ever/pdf’. There are also several templates that I dabbled according to the standard templates from https://github.com/salomonelli. If you aren’t satisfied with the template I made, you can change the template in the ‘/best-resume-ever/src/resumes/’ folder, where you can find Vue.js file which can be changed depending on what you want. I’ll talk about changing the template in another chance. Have fun experimenting with Vue.js to create a great resume

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