Running APRSC on Docker

APRSC is created by the creator of APRS.fi, it’s an APRS-IS server implementation written in C. I have been using APRSC for a while to run on a Raspberry Pi running a Debian Stretch/Buster. APRSC is quite simple to install and run on a Debian based mini-PC’s, I had created a Raspberry Pi Image that come with APRSC pre-installed, but not configured and started.

I wrote a simple Dockerfile to run the shell scripts I had written to build APRSC on a Debian Buster environment. I noticed there were already an APRSC Docker implementation done previously by https://github.com/brannondorsey/aprsc-docker. However, I did not manage to make brannondorsey’s docker setup work, since I am still a beginner in Docker. I figured I messed up somewhere during setting up the permissions for the Docker volumes.

My Docker container install the dependencies for APRSC and build a debian package and installs it via APT-GET. Docker compose links the config located in the GitHub source folder with the one inside the container.


Before building the container, edit the aprsc.conf file under the ./config/etc folder, and fill the proper informations required. By using docker-compose run, the service will start and voila, you have a working APRSC server running on a Docker container.

APRSC server status web page (Source: http://aprs.josefmtd.com:14501)

The server is now available to be accessed by APRS-IS applications such as APRS-Droid and/or APRX gateway, via port 14580 and 10152.

APRS Docker repository is available from https://github.com/josefmtd/aprsc-docker

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