Installing GNU Radio and RTL-SDR on ElementaryOS

This is another GNU Radio and RTL2832U Software Defined Radio tutorial based on the article I did on Ubuntu 18.04. ElementaryOS is one of Ubuntu based operating system. The ElementaryOS is designed to be easy to use and the user interface is a lot like the macOS. This ElementaryOS GNU Radio installation tutorial is made forContinue reading “Installing GNU Radio and RTL-SDR on ElementaryOS”

Installing GNU Radio for Software Defined Radio on Ubuntu 18.04

As I mentioned previously on my Frequency Modulation Basics post, I would be taking a practical approach to explain the concept of Frequency Modulation. This tutorial explains how to install the GNU Radio on Ubuntu 18.04 alongside the GNU Radio Companion and the SDR dongle support. Installing the GNU Radio and GNU Radio Companion First, we canContinue reading “Installing GNU Radio for Software Defined Radio on Ubuntu 18.04”