Adding Custom Libraries in KiCad (English)

When designing a PCB Prototype, the components you want to use are often not found in your favorite CAD software’s library, which made you have to add the component on your own. This short article will discuss how to make a library with all those components. For example, I’m going to make a library toContinue reading “Adding Custom Libraries in KiCad (English)”

Adding GitHub Libraries in KiCad (English)

KiCad has an open source library, which is one of the advantage of it. Every week, KiCad’s library is updated through GitHub from┬áKiCad. This article is dedicated to show how to install additional libraries for KiCad, and adding third-party libraries such as Digi-Key or Sparkfun Electronics for example. Digi-Key and Sparkfun’s libraries can be accessedContinue reading “Adding GitHub Libraries in KiCad (English)”

Installing KiCad: Open Source PCB Designer Suite (English)

KiCad is an open-source software to create schematics, PCB layouts, and Gerber. KiCad can be used in Windows, Linux, and macOS, and licensed under GNU GPL v3. KiCad is made by Jean Pierre Charras, a professor in Grenoble University. KiCad is also sponsored by CERN and had several KiCad developments done under CERN employees. IfContinue reading “Installing KiCad: Open Source PCB Designer Suite (English)”

Spreading Factor, Bandwidth, Coding Rate and Bit Rate in LoRa (English)

In the previous article, I discussed about several basic Spread Spectrum concepts while specifically talking about LoRa modulation and touching the topic regarding several parameters in LoRa. Those parameters in question are Spreading Factor, Bandwidth, and Coding Rate. The three parameters will determine how sensitive the LoRa receiver will perform and how fast the dataContinue reading “Spreading Factor, Bandwidth, Coding Rate and Bit Rate in LoRa (English)”

LoRa Modulation Basics (English)

LoRa is a spread spectrum modulation technology patented by Semtech. LoRa is a derivative of┬áChirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) which lowers data rate to improve sensitivity. If you want to place LoRa in the OSI Layer, implementation of LoRa modulation exists on the physical layer and can’t be bound to other layers above it. This allowsContinue reading “LoRa Modulation Basics (English)”

Bluetooth HC-05 AT Commands (English)

Bluetooth is one of the simplest communication modules which can be bought at a relatively cheap price. HC-05 Bluetooth Module can be easily found in many online shop websites around fifty thousand rupiahs. Before we further out discussion, I’ll talk about several Bluetooth basic concepts Introduction Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for short-distance communication.Continue reading “Bluetooth HC-05 AT Commands (English)”

Raspberry Pi Zero Headless Setup (English)

Do you want to try playing around with Raspberry Pi? Maybe you have encountered several problems such as no monitor to configure Raspberry Pi, no keyboard to write the commands, or no LAN cable. Maybe you have the same problem as mine, owning Raspberry Pi Zero W which can only be accessed through Wireless, USBContinue reading “Raspberry Pi Zero Headless Setup (English)”

Install Python 3.6. On Raspbian (English)

Do you want to use Python 3.6 on Raspberry Pi? When you run Python in Raspberry Pi, the version called is usually v2.7. This blog post will discuss how to change the default Python 2.7 into Python 3.6. Before I begin the tutorial, I want to explain one thing which is commonly seen in LinuxContinue reading “Install Python 3.6. On Raspbian (English)”